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No material has revolutionized the home building industry like the invention of sheetrock or drywall, as it is also called. It enabled the interior of homes to be finished quickly by workers with a reasonable amount of skill.

Previously, the interior of a home was finished with layers of gypsum plaster supported by small wooden supports called lathes. Plastering was as much an art as a trade and they were in great demand. However, to complete the interior of an average-sized home could take as long as two weeks. Drywall installation, on the other hand, can be completed in as little as 2 to 3 days depending on the size of the crew.

Although sheetrock installation can be a do-it-yourself project, drywall installers can do it quickly and without the mess than most amateurs leave behind. After the project is complete drywall contractors will go through every inch of the finished walls and ceilings to make sure the surfaces are smooth and blemish-free. Because once the painting process begins every hump or depression will stick out like a sore thumb.

There are two processes which make up drywall installation and the cost of the job: installing and taping, or “mudding.” The sheets of drywall are hung using special screws. For the higher spots a drywaller will use stilts and a special lift device to bring the sheetrock up to the ceiling for installing. After the sheets have been hung the mudders go to work taping the joints and filling in the screw heads. The joint is filled and tape soaked with drywall compound is pressed over this. Depressions on the long sides of the sheetrock make taping easier because there is not as much sanding. Then the area is left to dry before the drywallers come back and sand the areas for the final coat.

Good sheetrock installers are contractors who use the minimum amount of tape and drywall compound thus producing less of a mess on the floors and powdered gypsum in the air. Because it is dust this material gets into every part of the home so the less sanding that is needed the better. If a mistake is made with the drywall a repair can easily be made when the contractor makes his inspection.

So, for an outstanding job, get some estimates from several drywalling companies, professionals who can put the polish into your home.

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